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Our eyeliner is designed to magnetically attract the eyelashes for a quick and easy application. The eyeliner has magnetic properties, while the eyelashes have 6 micro-magnets attached on to them. Once combined, the lashes and liner snap onto each other in an instant!

Great question. Rest assured, our magnetic liner is absolutely safe!

All the ingredients are commonly found in makeup products. The added ingredient that makes the eyeliner work is Iron oxide. Certain amounts of iron oxide are FDA approved, and is completely safe. The magnetic and iron contents near your eyes have no long-term negative consequences.

**we do not recommend any eye products to anyone with pre-existing eye conditions. We also strongly suggest that you try our products on a small patch of skin to test for reactions first.**

Depending on the style, our lashes are either made out of mink, or premium synthetic fibres (also referred to as Faux Mink). Our synthetic lashes are premium in quality and almost look and feel the same as mink lashes, you won’t be able to tell the difference!

It is very quick and easy to apply/ remove the lashes, and unlike applying glue, our magnetic eyeliner does not contain any harmful chemicals so you will never have to worry about your eyes burning again! You’ll also be treating your real lashes with the love and care that they really deserve.

The width of our eyelash bands is 2.9 cm.

Measure the eyelash against your eye to find the right size, then cut off the excess with a fine scissor (also sold). Ensure that the ends of the eyelashes have magnets on them.

Our lash bands are made from premium cotton. They are comfortable, subtle, flexible, durable, light and blend in with your lash line.

Gently pull the eyelashes from the inner corner, and use an oil-based make remover or luke warm water to remove the eyeliner.

All day long with proper application.

Some of our customers were too lazy to remove their eyelashes and slept with them on. They were still in place the following day.

Yes. It won’t come off unless you remove it with luke warm water or with an oil based make up remover. Check out our videos for the waterproof/smudge proof test.

Absolutely. It has a strong hold and will not go anywhere until you decide to take it off. Check out our videos for the windproof test.

This could be due to a number of reasons.

  1. the magnets on the eyelashes have residue, blocking them from magnetizing to the eyeliner.
  2. you applied the eyelash when the eyeliner was wet. You should wait until its atleast 80% dry.
  3. you had primer, regular eyeliner, or an oil based product before applying the magnetic eyeliner which blocked the magnetic eyeliner from contacting your eyelid.

We would love to. Please check our lash manual on the website or contact us.


Whether you have suffered from hair loss know anyone who has, rest assured knowing that our magnetic lash system works perfectly for these exceptionally strong individuals.